About Us

We are honored to present to you a brief overview of the company and its ability to provide the most appropriate offers with the highest level of service. To be a mark for 6 years of experience in the field of international shipping and export. Our company is one of the best shipping companies in Egypt.

Due to the large number of transactions and business relations between Egypt and Turkey, most of our customers are from Egypt and all over the world.

“OSAMCO” is one of the best international shipping companies in Egypt with the testimony of everyone from what we provide to our customers of distinguished services.

OSAMCO International Shipping Company is one of the leading companies in the field of shipping, providing its services to many companies and institutions with different activities inside and outside Egypt, and we believe that we are not a company that provides services to its customers only, but goes beyond that to
become business partners for all our customers with different size of their business, with our maximum energy and capabilities.

To satisfy and provide all modern shipping solutions to our valued customers, the company is based on main axes and aims to attract a lot of effective investments and works on how to satisfy the desires of customers interested in shipping Whether it is land, sea or air.

“OSAMCO” aims to develop shipping services, customs clearance and all auxiliary services, provide support and advice services to our partners, and continuously work to raise the efficiency of the service, provide it with the latest methods, develop and improve the service, and strengthen the team’s performance through continuous training and provide international shipping service.