Land Freight

We provide the best means of land transportation at the lowest prices, which allows the company to meet the growing demand from its customers. Whether at the local or international level, the company has a complete fleet that works with high efficiency in Egypt and various countries of the world, and the company has all […]

Air Freight

We also provide air freight services quickly and efficiently through experts with high efficiency and experience. The company also deals with many airlines inside and outside Egypt, allowing the customer to receive his goods quickly, and the company quickly ships imported or exported goods through its agents around the world. The customer can also follow […]


The company has a large crew specialized in providing sea freight services with high efficiency and providing the best service to the customer as well as to the government sectors, companies and institutions to and from Egypt and all over the world. The company provides insurance services for shipments and securing means of storage, and […]

Customs clearance

The company is unique in the precedence in the field of customs clearance, as we have extractors in all ports of the public. “OSAMCO” offers you services at the best level of prices that suit everyone and we have a discount on a daily basis on large goods and we also save you the subject […]

Export and import for the account of others

As a contribution to facilitating the procedures of exporters, we complete all export procedures on the company’s documents in exchange for an actual percentage of the value of the submitted invoice and all banking transactions and the necessary papers are completed with the competent authorities.